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What is a boutique cruise?

A boutique cruise is a unique sailing experience that will take you to places you never imagine on a comfortable home-like ship. Boutique cruises take place on small and medium vessels and therefore accommodate only a small limited number of travelers. Therefore the atmosphere on board is relaxed and the service is exceptional. A boutique cruise ensures a direct connection to nature and maximum proximity to the sea.

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Searching for a place to stay or flight?

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Chose your cruise


Cabin cruise

Perfect for:

  • Solo traveler

  • Couples

  • Tripels

  • Small Groups

You want to go on a cruise, but only for you and your partner? Or your immediate family? Or a few of your friends?  There are many options - but it comes down to - your dreaming of a sailing vacation but your group is too small for a full vessel or you do not have a sailing license? Well – we have good news for you: thanks to the relatively new possibility of a cabin charter you do not have to organize a whole group of people that sail and charter with you a whole boat.

Take your loved one, book a cabin and enjoy your boutique sailing experience on a cabin charter!



Cabin destinations



Full vessel

Perfect for:

  • Families

  • Group of friends

  • Co-workers

On a Full Vessel Boutique Cruise, everything can be personalized.

Unlike Cabin Charter holidays or cruises on cruise liners, where most details are planned beforehand, a private yacht charter holiday gives you the opportunity to customize every aspect of your cruise according to your wishes, including itinerary, menu and, activities.

Take your friends and/or your family and enjoy a wonderful boutique sailing adventure on your terms!





Perfect for:

  • Skippers

  • Sailing enthusiasts

Skipper or Sailing Enthusiast?

Enjoy with your friends or family a marvelous sailing experience in Greece, Croatia or the Caribean!

Not a skipper? No problem! Hire a skipper for the charter period and have your unforgettable sailing adventure!



We would like to thank you for a wonderful vacation last week. The level of service and the staff’s hospitality were record-breaking. Thank you personally for your professionalism, reliability and high spirits.

The Tissone couple & friends


5 star Flotilla

Perfect for:

  • The ones who prefer to sail instead of cook & clean

  • Skippers

  • Sailing enthusiasts

  • Boat owners

Solo-traveler, couple, family, group?

Skipper, sailing enthusiast, yacht owner?

It doesn't matter! Everybody is welcome at our the 5-Stars-Flotilla!

Enjoy the benefits of sailing in a Flotilla:

delicious food, no cleaning and so much more! Just relax and have FUN!

With you can find & book the Yacht vacation of your dreams, from a large selection of Sailing Yacht Charter and destinations.

Booking a Gulet Charter or Cabin Charter online has never been so user-friendly, accessible, informative and affordable! Save up to 50% on Gulet boutique cruises & yacht charter cruises - how to charter a Yacht?

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