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Sun, sand, or sea. City sights or northern lights. Mountainside or desert-wide. Landscapes painted by nature or enhanced by history. The choice is yours if you are going on a trip.

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Cooperating with hundreds of global and local car rental suppliers, we provide a wide choice of vehicles of all classes and this is how you can find the perfect car for your journey. Our suppliers are always ready to assist you whatever your question is and wherever you are in the world.




If you’re thinking of cruising, consider our available cruises.





You can choose boutique cruises which are a unique sailing experience that will take you to places you never imagine on a comfortable home-like ship. Boutique cruises take place on small and medium vessels and therefore accommodate only a small limited number of travelers. Therefore the atmosphere on board is relaxed and the service is exceptional. A boutique cruise ensures a direct connection to nature and maximum proximity to the sea.

An advantage of smaller cruise ships is that you can come closer in front of greatest destinations on earth and discover towns, cities and scenic wonders that may be out of reach to larger cruise lines.

Na morzu




Or take your journey with larger cruise lines that understand what makes a cruise holiday go to a special and they will take you in to the center. Sail to incredible destinations far and wide in pure comfort with like-minded travellers, enjoying fabulous food as you glide across the ocean and along beautiful rivers, discovering out-of-this-world experiences and awe-inspiring sights, and forging friendships that will last a lifetime. Every one of our cruise holidays, from weekend city escapes and river cruises through the heart of Europe to epic around the world voyages and exotic fly-cruises, to ensure your time on board with us will be simply unforgettable.

If you love water, you like challenges and you know or want to experience another trip by boat, smaller or larger, make a decision about the trip, where will be what you love or what you want to know better!



Make the most of from your travel destination, taking advantage of local tours and attractions that you book directly from your mobile device. Take advantage of the wide "things to do" offer also containing "to do" temporary, exclusive, hidden gems, as well as free activities. Dive into our site, make decisions along the way with our applications, use the tips and hints of local experts.

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Get some information about a place where you wana go. Learn simple  information about sights, accommodation, restaurants, transportation, and possible activities. Experience an unforgettable adventure on a journey or just simply relax. Discover 365 daily ideas to refresh your life. May know new cultures or choose a place in view of individual diet.

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We hope that flights bought by will won't cause problems in the future to anyone. However, no one has any influence on external factors, which does not depend on us, but they affect our lives everyday.


Therefore Compensair and AirHelp are available on for unexpected events on your journey related to the flight.

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. You may be entitled to as much as $700 or €600 per passenger in compensation if your flight has been delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years.

For information about how to get compensation please click a button

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