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Cookie policy

The privacy of visitors on is our priority. Data collected via cookies are used only to improve the operation of our website and effectively choose the form of information presented to you.

Cookies contain, among others

  • Information saved in visit statistics, browser type, location, etc.

  • Data entered in the word search engine on the site

  • Form fields

Files on the site

Each cookie is saved in a database and processed only for its needs by our service providers.


You can completely disable or deactivate cookies in your browser or anti-virus program such as Norton.

However, this may cause a reduction of functions or incorrect operation of the website, for which the website is not responsible.

Due to interference with the user's privacy

Harmless - Includes cookies:

  • necessary for the website to work properly,

  • needed to enable website functionality, but their operation has nothing to do with user tracking    

Investigating - - used to track users, but not including information that allows (without other data) to identify a specific user.

Manage browser settings

In many cases, the software used for browsing websites (web browser) allows by default to store information in the form of cookies and other similar technologies on the user's end device. However, the user can change these settings at any time. Failure to make changes means that the above-mentioned information may be posted and stored in his end device, and thus that we will store information on the user's end device and access this information. From the level of the web browser used by the user it is possible, for example, to independently manage cookies. The most popular browsers include possibility:

  • accepting cookies, which allows the user to fully use the options offered by websites;

  • cookie management at the level of individual, user-selected websites;

  • specifying settings for various types of cookies, e.g. accepting permanent files as session files, etc .;

  • blocking or deleting cookies.

Where to look for help?

Comprehensive information is available in the software (web browser) settings. Details for people using individual web browsers, including:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Please be advised that restrictions or exclusions of the use of cookies and other similar technologies may affect some of the functionalities available on our websites.

Additional information

More information on cookies and other technologies can be found, among others at :

or in the Help section of the web browser menu.

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