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If you do not agree with any of the provisions below, please do not use our websites


What we do for you

Foourside.com manages a website directing users to proven and popular search engines, thus enabling you to find airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and cruises.

Every time you send a query to our search engine, you use the data of <html> Our Service Providers, who have provided us with the opportunity to promote this data. Choosing a specific flight, hotel, car rental or cruise will always redirect you to the page of our Service Providers in order to refine your query, the travel plan and all interactions take place through them, not through foourside.com.

The site is updated. We do it at our own discretion.


What we don't do for you

We do not sell tickets / we do not handle reservations / etc .. Our website allows you only to view tourist products, but you purchase them directly from our service providers on their websites. Therefore, if you have any questions, suggestions or inquiries regarding the services booked, please direct them to Our Service Providers. All references to Our Service Providers, including their trademarks and logos, are presented for informational purposes only.


What you can't do


Use our site without the supervision of a parent or legal guardian if you are under 13 years old.

Send automated queries to our website or the pages of our service providers. This can negatively affect the functioning of the website and cause dissatisfaction with other users. This also applies to spam and queries aimed at or likely to disrupt the performance and operation of websites.

Use the property of Our Service Providers, i.e. trademarks [JetRadar, GoCheap.Travel, etc.], design elements, logos, information content, articles and other Intellectual Property. Their Intellectual Property belongs to them and they do not grant a license to use it for any purpose. The exceptions are journalists and bloggers who have permission to use our trade names and logos.

You have no right to pretend that you are acting on behalf of foouside.com or our Service Providers in any capacity, unless they explicitly authorize you to do so as an Affiliate Partner.


Warranty and limitation


The travel search service is provided to users on an "as is" basis without any warranties, including a guarantee of their intended use. When using this service, general information is provided that does not take into account the specific requirements of users. All information presented on the ticket / booking information comes from Our Service Providers - we do not verify this information for accuracy, availability, applicability, compliance with your needs or visa citizenship / status, etc.

We are not responsible for the timeliness of information that is beyond our control, such as currency exchange rates, weather, time zones and time differences, travel time, etc. Information published in city guides may be inaccurate, so use it at your own risk.

We assume no liability for any activities performed by you based on information presented or implied on our website.

Because we do not sell anything (see above), we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets or reservations, and that the price provided to us by our partners will be the same price you pay.

We do not guarantee that the prices displayed on our website include all costs and fees, including, but not limited to, airport charges, fuel charges, departure taxes, checked baggage fees, handling fees for credit card payments, etc.

We do not guarantee flight or booking satisfaction, as the provision of these services is beyond our control.

Theoretically, our website may not be available for a short period or may not respond to your queries. Although this is unlikely, we will not be responsible for any inconvenience caused to users if this happens.

We may make changes to these website regulations at any time without notice.

Limitation of Liability

Since we do not charge you any fees, to the maximum extent permitted by law in your country, we are not responsible for any damages arising as a result of your use of websites or for damages arising from any aspect of your contacts with Our Service Providers.


You agree to pay damages foourside.com for any claims, damages, losses, etc. made by our Service Providers, or third parties as a result of misuse of websites, and violations of the Intellectual Property of our Service Providers.

Final Provisions

Using our website is subject to legislation and our data suppliers is governed by the laws of Hong Kong.
The invalidity of any of the provisions of these Website Regulations does not exclude the validity of the remaining provisions of the Regulations.


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