Canada is the second largest country in the world. It borders the United States to the south, and the US state of Alaska to the north-west. It is also next to the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans. Canada’s hugely varied geography includes mountain ranges, highland plateaus with thousands of lakes and rivers, lowlands, plains and prairies. The Arctic region of the country has hundreds of islands.

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From the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto to the mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies, American US neighbor on the north features a diverse set of a trip destinations.

Its a diverse, fascinating and a multicultural country. There’s so much to

learn and love about Canada.


Canada's largest cities include:


  • Toronto: 6.5 million  

  • Montreal: 4.3 million  

  • Vancouver: 2.7 million  

  • Calgary: 1.5 million  

  • Edmonton: 1.4 million  

  • Ottawa-Gatineau: 1.4 million

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Have an exciting time rock climbing and skiing in the Rockies, sample maple syrup treats in Montreal and enjoy the art and museum culture of Toronto and Vancouver.

Immerse yourself in pristine wilderness, wander flatland deserts and discover charming rural towns and diverse cities in Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.


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Spend your vacation in Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant, big-time city that showcases a laid-back vibe and a penchant for enjoying the smaller things in life. That could mean a delicious meal of steamy dim sum in Chinatown, a shopping excursion in St. Lawrence Market, or coffee and a book at the Toronto Public Library. So, start looking for best Toronto connections today and find out in why Canada’s largest city is called Toronto the Good.


Spend your vacation in Vancouver

Vancouver as a cosmopolitan city defined by its diversity and magnificent seaside scenery, is a superb place to experience that significant moment. Embark on a vacation to Vancouver and surround yourself in a skyline and expansive botanical gardens as you get to know the many traditions and celebrations that come together to make this city an embarrassment of cultural riches. All this and more is waiting for you to seize the day and steal away on a trip to Vancouver.


Spend your vacation in Montreal

Mark Twain loved Montreal. Journeying here in 1881, the city’s high society and unique French-Canadian fusion were not lost on this American icon. "My sojourn has been to my moral and intellectual profit," he stated—as will yours, when you have a holiday trip in Montreal reserved and ready. You do not have to be a renowned author, artist, or culinary critic to fall in love with Canada’s center of commerce and culture however, you may find yourself turned into one before you leave. There are secrets and hidden adventures around every cobblestoned corner, delighting all who visit.


Spend your vacation in Calgary

Dubbed the Cultural Capital of Canada, Calgary celebrates its progressive status with signature skyscrapers, world-class cuisine, and a love of Mother Nature's simple splendor. The city embraces the excitement of the outdoors with a Wild West spirit showcased in rodeos, park festivals, and open prairie excursions. Plan your Calgary vacation trip in any season and be ready to ride your snowmobile or ski 😉

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